Hair Grades & Quality

4A can last approximately 6 months with proper care but some consumers say up to 9 months with every day maintenance.

This hair grade may be dyed although beware it can shorten the lifetime and quality of the hair.

Heat may be used to style and weekly washings can be done the same as 5A. However it is still slightly processed which will make the hair seem more fragile.

5A refers to the next best quality grade which is completely unprocessed. This type of hair requires daily maintenance to ensure its long lasting beauty. Expect to have this hair for well over a year!

This hair type can be colored and styled with heat. Please use heat protectant spray or crème when styling.

6A is what consumers call "worth every penny"! This hair type is extremely healthy and full of nutrients. It can last you up to three years!

Take good care of this hair by washing regularly and treating for heat to prevent any damage. You may also color this hair type if you would like.

Maintaining your hair will keep it silky, smooth and with a little brushing tangle-free.

We suggest visiting our other hair care pages to guide you in the right direction for proper hair care.