How to maintain your Virgin Hair Extensions

It is very important that you understand when you do not have the proper up-keep of your hair it will result in tangled, dull, dry and damaged hair. The same can occur if you use the wrong products!

First off, we need to protect the weft of the hair. Aka the root of the beauty! This can be done by applying weft sealer which can be purchased on our webpage or at your local beauty supply store.

Each and every day you should be gently brushing your hair. To achieve the best results be sure to handle small portions at a time. Brushing out the tips and moving up the length of your hair as you go. This clears the tangles from the bottom so you can gradually work the brush through your length.

Washing your hair should be done once a week in lukewarm water. Make sure you use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to keep your silky smooth look.

Avoid using a blow dryer to dry your hair, always air dry! You may also pat dry your hair with a towel but never rub it. That will result in instant tangles!

If tangles do occur or you want to have an impacting shine try deep conditioning your hair or using a hot oil treatment.

Now that your hair is nice and dry you may want to straighten or curl it. You may do so by applying a heat protecting spray BEFORE styling with heat. Check that your using a minimal temperate styling tool because too much heat will cause dryness and breakage.

Be sure to wash hair immediately and repeat a moisturizing technique directly following a swim in the pool or a day at the beach.

Remember, pristine hair calls for proper protection!