Wasit Training Information

If you're determined to flatten your tummy and give your waist the sexy curves you desire then our waist training corset is for you!

Waist training corsets have been recorded helping women achieve perfection since the 1800's. So forget the scary cosmetic surgeries and the diet pills with warning labels. All you have to do is wear your corset for a small or extended period daily, the choice is strictly yours!

Results will vary depending on how often you use your corset and how long you keep it on for at a time. Corsets should be worn 3-6 hours for beginners and up to 12-14 hours for all day users or women who prefer to wear their corset while asleep.

Please understand this is a body shaper and NOT a weight loss solution.

Before putting your waist trainer on you should already be wearing a camisole or a tank top underneath. This will keep the fabric free from body oils and sweat, essentially keeping it cleaner longer.

Always clasp your corset in the middle and work your way up and down. This prevents any uneven stress that may damage your corset in the long run.

Waist training should not be uncomfortable ladies! You should be able to breathe normally and remain just as mobile as you are without it on. Waist training is just as it sounds, it trains your waist to remain the way you wish. You will see immediate results when you have the corset on but the ultimate goal is to continue looking that way with the corset off.

When first using your waist trainer you should try wearing it for about an hour to two hours, that way you can start getting your body used to its fit. After getting through the first two weeks of wearing it 3-6 hours daily you should then step it up a notch and begin wearing it for 7-8 hours daily for best results.

Overtime you will realize that your waist trainer isn't so snug anymore! This is a good sign which means you should start investing in the next size down for further results.

Continue to repeat this process until you're completely satisfied with the all-natural midline makeover you deserve!